Sean Van Staden
3 minute read
26 Sep 2015
3:00 pm

One can be fun, but it takes two to tango

Sean Van Staden

Most athletes have their mind set on one sport and don’t really have the time or energy for more than that.

Take note, I mentioned mind set, but what if I told you that it is possible to do more and all it will take is two things. For you to try something new.

For the first time and to find the fun in the new sport. The most common multi-sport you will know is the triathlon – the aquathlons and duathlons are less common.

Triathlons consist of a swim, a run and a cycle. Aquathlons involves a run-swimrun whereas the duathlon takes out the swim and becomes a runcycle-run.

There are still three mains stages to the event and depending of the level of intensity, the distances may vary.

Participating in multi-sports can be incredibly daunting and can often be classified by “normal athletes” as the insane man’s sport because of the physical demands that are placed on the body.

Multisports are growing in South Africa due to corporates teaming up with Triathlon South Africa (TSA), the country’s governing body, to help take out the obstacles that inhibit more people from participating. The three common obstacles are: affordability, equipment and intensity level.

Multi-sports are performed all over South Africa and the costs involved in moving yourself and your equipment around can be financially draining. For multi-sport that involves cycling, this will set you back at least R10 000 to get started.

The price of performance racing bikes easily set you back 10 times the price. This makes competing and winning the competition very difficult and only for the select few. Apart from the cost, the biggest problem facing the growth of triathlons is the swim.

Never mind the murky waters, never mind the horror movie “what lies beneath” replaying in your mind from start to finish. The problem is that you have so many people swimming next to you, in front of you and sometimes even on top of you.

You can’t stop and take a breather like you can on the side of the road. Duathlons seem to be on the rise and growing in popularity because it takes out the biggest obstacle for participating, which is the swim and I believe with the right partners, coverage and sponsorship, will pave the way for mass participation.

Discovery Vitality are about to take over Sandton and bring Jozi residents a duathlon event which is for the whole family, and for those super competitors. The event takes place on October 24 and 25 October and you can enter your kids, your school, your own team or your company.

There will be three races to choose from and I recommend for the beginner and first timer to do the “super sprint”. Don’t ask me why they called it a “sprint” because it is not actually a sprint but a beginner’s race.

You will compete in a 2.5km run, 12km cycle and 2.5km run. The beauty of this event is that you don’t have to do it all yourself. You can get two friends to do each of the stages with you.

Even though Discovery has teamed up with TSA and made this an official event for selection for the World Duathlon Championships, there is a bigger picture of health and wellness and a new activity for the whole family.

If you are bored with your usual walkrun events, then this is definitely the next step for you. Make sure you involve your whole family.

Next week I will be giving you a step by step training programme for beginners and will be giving away more prizes, so make sure you are the first to buy your copy of the Saturday Citizen.

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