Sean Van Staden
3 minute read
17 Jan 2016
7:00 am

There’s a bright light amid financial gloom

Sean Van Staden

Yes, there is a lot to be miserable about, but you are different and you won’t let it get to you.

The rand/dollar exchange rate has gone to the dogs and a lady’s steak at a restaurant will cost you close to R200.

Yes, there is a lot to be miserable about, but you are different and you won’t let it get to you. Things could always be worse, just think about all those gym buffs who won’t be able to afford the 30% increase in protein supplements.

Don’t be alarmed the next time you go to your local gym and you see grown men crying. In times of prosperity and happiness, food is plentiful and the beer and wine keep flowing. This means your belly and butt start to resemble alien life forces.

Truth be told, there is a lot to be grateful for in times of turmoil, uncertainty and economic crisis. Times like these help push you closer to your families and the kitchen cupboards tend to be a lot leaner.

The positive side of tough times is that you start to look a whole lot sexier. Whether you like it or not, we are in for a hectic and stressful year and it is important to keep your fitness levels and health up.

Here is an interesting fact you might want to consider. Insurance companies are all about making money, and lots of it. They have the smartest actuaries, professors and doctors gathering tons of information to pick up trends.

Trends help insurance companies forecast to save and make money. For example, in South Africa there are current statistics stating that we are getting fatter and so are our children.

What does this information mean to insurance companies? Headaches and money loss of course. The more unfit you are, the more at risk you are of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and the more you are going to cost insurance companies. Funnily enough certain insurance companies also have statistical evidence that active people have a reduced risk of severity of illness.

This is why in particular Discovery, who are the market leaders in health and fitness rewards, has released a new incentive programme which will allow members to purchase one of the hottest and most desired products of 2016, an Apple watch.

They will even pay your monthly subscription, but there is one catch. You must make your weekly fitness goals. Similar principle to a Fitbit and the daily goal of ten thousand steps.

In my opinion, the person who came up with this strategy deserves to win the Nobel health award, it is pure genius from the insurance giant. They are indirectly changing your daily bad behaviours and turning them into good positive ones.

It is a win-win for both parties. In the long run they get healthier members and the members get real rewards that matter. Whether you need a coach, a rewards programme or a training partner to motivate you, don’t wait another week to get the show on the road.

Make a commitment today and keep moving your mountain, one stone at a time.