Mike Moon
Horse racing correspondent
3 minute read
15 Sep 2020
11:14 am

Contains scenes of a sexual nature and moments of violence, but no bad language

Mike Moon

Spring is in the air and that means sex. The pandemic might have curbed human springiness, but horses are tackling things with their usual enthusiasm.

Picture: iStock

Thoroughbred stud farms look forward to September: the start of the four-month mating season that is designed to ensure foals arrive in a batch in summer next year, all roughly the same age, so they can compete equitably on the track. This is contrived, of course. But the arranged, end-of-year, thoroughbred liaisons are still full of glorious uncertainty – particularly the great imponderable of which mating will work to produce a Durban July winner. Every spring there’s the added intrigue of having new stallions selling their services, so to speak. This year, new vendors fresh off local racecourses include the...