Mike Moon
Horse racing correspondent
4 minute read
24 Sep 2020
9:38 am

Story of a child refugee and the healing power of horses

Mike Moon

Social services sent the boy to Greatwood in Wiltshire, where retired racehorses are used in therapy for children with learning disabilities and other social challenges.

All eyes will be on Fairview on Friday when captain Tatters is in action. Picture: Abdulkareem Musa Adam AFP/File/Glyn KIRK

Abdulkareem Musa Adam, 8, and his brother Yusuf, 3, returned from a day of tending camels and sheep to find their village in Darfur, western Sudan, burning to the ground and their mother, father and two sisters massacred. The boys fled with family friends on donkeys into neighbouring Chad, where, from 2004, they lived for two years in a wretched refugee camp. Abdul later journeyed with adult men to Libya, in search of work. But in the 2011 rebellion against Muammar Gaddafi, Abdul, then 14, was ordered into a child army. He refused, was imprisoned and badly beaten. His angel...