Mike Moon
Horse racing correspondent
4 minute read
15 Jan 2021
1:33 pm

Racing once again salutes the great Michael Roberts

Mike Moon

Roberts won 11 South African jockey championships. Then he went to Britain and took their title –with a monumental freelancer effort in 1992.

Picture: iStock

The first mention of the boy taking up a career as a jockey came when he was at school. A new teacher told him to stand up behind his desk in class. “But I was already standing up,” he recalls with a chuckle many years later. The nonplussed teacher exclaimed, “You should be a jockey!” and an idea was planted in the mind of Michael “Muis” Roberts, the finest South African rider ever to throw leg over a horse. Becoming a champion takes more than a notion in the head of an Afrikaans-speaking boy from a farm near Oudtshoorn. But...