Jacques van der Westhuyzen
Head of Sport
1 minute read
3 May 2022
4:56 pm

PICTURE: Schoolboy rugby team shave heads to support coach’s girlfriend

Jacques van der Westhuyzen

"They took it upon themselves to show a sign of support and make a statement by shaving their heads."

The schoolboy rugby team from DHS, coached by Lyle Matthysen. Picture: Facebook

They say actions speak louder than words and that is exactly what the entire schoolboy rugby team coached by Lyle Matthysen at Durban High School did to support their coach’s girlfriend’s cancer battle.

What did they do? They all shaved their heads – something that is against school policy.

According to goodthingsguy.com, Matthysen’s girlfriend, Candice Herbst, is battling stage four cancer and set to try new treatment after chemotherapy failed to improve her condition.

In a post on his Facebook page, Matthysen writes: “My Team. These boys from my Alma Mater, DHS took the wind out my sails this week.

“As they have caught onto the news about Candice Herbst and her fight with cancer, they took it upon themselves to show a sign of support and make a statement by shaving their heads.

“No one had any idea, just them, just their sign showing that they also part of the thousands behind you.”

Lyle Matthysen and his DHS rugby team. Picture: Facebook

Matthysen continues by revealing the boys went against school policy to get their message of support across.

“While this is against school’s policy for hair, an exception has been made for them due to purpose and power of their action.

“It truly is more than just a high school and these are the leaders, gentlemen still being produced year in and year out. Some of these boys have also donated financially to the cause. Needless to say, a tear or two might have been shared by me (none in front of them, of course). Cands, DHS is also behind you.”