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23 Nov 2021
11:41 am

Bleak future for Tshepe at Galaxy?

Mgosi Squad

'Things are not really looking good for him at the club, I don’t want to lie,' the source told Phakaaathi.

Karabo Tshepe of TS Galaxy. Picture: Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix

An insider at TS Galaxy says midfielder Karabo Tshepe is unlikely to be part of the squad the following season, with his contract coming to an end next year.

Tshepe has been out of the Rockets squad since sustaining a knee injury late last season, which disrupted the talented midfielder’s promising start at Galaxy.

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The source adds that seeing the midfielder’s jersey number 10 being taken away from him and given to another player raised a lot of suspicions about his future at the club, but he hopes that Tshepe gets back to playing so that he secures his future.

“Jan neh, it’s tough times for him (Tshepe). Things are not really looking good for him at the club, I don’t want to lie. Yes, they have been taking care of him and nursing his injury to make sure that he comes back, but it’s taking time and you saw what happened when the season started, they gave his jersey number to another player.

“So, his future at the club is not really guaranteed, and I feel bad for him because he is one of the top talents I have ever seen in the country. I just hope he manages to return to full fitness soon and secure his future,” said the informant.