Thembinkosi Sekgaphane
Phakaaathi Digital Administrator
1 minute read
22 Jan 2016
12:35 pm

Referee asks player out for drinks

Thembinkosi Sekgaphane

Referees are a weird bunch. This is a fact that you can heard spoken of in hushed voices in soccer circles but a few referees have done enough to prove it.

Red card by referee.

Spanish referee Santiago Quijada Alcon has become the latest member of the sports fraternity to be accused of unprofessional behaviour towards women in sport.

This come after Alcon allegedly asked a female football player out during the match.

Huelva player Elena Pavel went on TV after the match to complain about the referee’s conduct during the match. She says Alcon invited her out for a drink.

The referee is said to have shouted: “Hey brown hair, let’s go for a coffee.”

“I’ve stopped believing in football, in fair play,” she said. “I feel helpless, humiliated. In the many years I’ve been playing football, I’ve never felt so ashamed.”

Alcon later sent off two Huelva players and denied the club a penalty as the lost 3-2 to arch-rivals Santa Teresa.