Sean Van Staden
4 minute read
31 Oct 2020
7:01 am

Mastering and understanding your different energy systems

Sean Van Staden

It is a complex system and there are several factors that affect your “general fitness level”.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for children as well as adults as it's non-impactful. Picture: Solisimages/iStockphoto

Whether you are an active social butterfly, an athlete or professional competitor you will be glad to know that your energy systems are all the same from a biological point of view but unfortunately not equal. This is part of the puzzle as to why some people can train for longer and harder – think ironman – and some are geared more to short explosive movements. Your system is made up of three energy systems, phase 1 – Phosphagen system, phase 2 – Glycolytic System and phase 3 – the Oxidative system. Phase 1 - the Phosphagen System or ATP-PC...