Sean Van Staden
4 minute read
10 Jan 2021
7:01 am

Life is hard enough, so stop moaning and go out and get what you want

Sean Van Staden

There are many things you can do every day to make your life happier and easier; you just have to put in a little effort.

Make an effort every day to run or walk with your dog; it will help ensure you exercise regularly and it will give your life routine. Picture: iStock

I can’t say it is a fantastic new year and everything is just dandy because let’s face it, the world is in a mess at the moment and Covid seems to be in overdrive. Each year as humans we feel obligated to set new year’s resolutions and losing weight, making more money and working less, seem to be on top of the list. It’s the guilt from over-indulging both in food and purse that drives these motivators and the amount of work needed to get in check, is going to take a while, hence wanting to work less. We are...