Rudolph Jacobs
Rugby Journalist
2 minute read
27 Feb 2021
6:45 am

How very strange – a series of rugby matches with nothing at stake

Rudolph Jacobs

No cup, no title, no bragging rights... just a series of matches to prepare players and teams for entry into European competitions.

The Lions will push a bunch of young players into the field throughout the series of preparation matches. Picture: Neil McCartney

It might sound a bit nuts for the general person on the street to enter a national competition when there’s nothing to play for. Nothing means there's no cup, no title and really, no bragging rights, at stake. It's literally a "competition", or rather a series of matches, with the focus on preparation, hence the name "Preparation Series." In the past one would simply have called them pre-season matches, or friendlies, in the buildup to the proper season, but the chaotic year which was 2020 has lead us to a whole new rugby landscape. With each team playing only four...