Wilma de Bruin
4 minute read
3 Oct 2019
4:05 pm

Why you should visit Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana

Wilma de Bruin

No visit to the capital is complete without a day trip to Lake Bled and the majestic Postonja Cave.

Ljubljana, Sovenia. Picture: iStock

The fairy-tale setting welcoming you to Ljubljana couldn’t be more inviting: A dream-like castle keeping vigil on a hill above; a tranquil river running beneath magnificent bridges; medieval cobblestone streets and walkways lined with bars, cafés, restaurants and markets; friendly residents, old and young, cycling effortlessly in every direction. No wonder year-in and out, this charming Slovenian capital with only 300,000 inhabitants lures thousands of visitors from all over the world to immerse themselves its rich history, cultural heritage, traditional delicacies and scenic beauty. Judging by the great number of tourists early in the current summer season, it is evident...