Anne Brönn
5 minute read
15 Oct 2019
5:01 pm

How the Karoo left her imprint on my heart

Anne Brönn

When hiking there is just miles of stretching road to traverse, and lots of time to enjoy the scenes and connect with your inner self.

Picture: Anne Brönn

‘Why do you hike?” asked a fellow hiker. I had to think for a moment. What better way to explore South Africa’s diverse locations on foot? Moreover, I like walking – it’s good for the soul. I like travelling. I like discovering new places. And that’s exactly what you do on the Heuningland Karoo Hike; you experience the Karoo in all its raw, natural, unpretentious glory. Besides, Heuningland is slackpacking at its best. Not having to carry a heavy backpack appealed to me. Our hosts made sure our clothes, tent and bedding were transported each day to the next overnight...