Ingrid K. Williams ©2019 The New York Times Company
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12 Jan 2020
1:46 pm

Five places to visit in Stockholm with a local craft brewer

Ingrid K. Williams ©2019 The New York Times Company

There’s more to the Swedish capital than its good looks.

The Stockholm brewer, Henok Fentie, at the pizza-and-beer bar, Omnipollos Hatt. (Gabriella Matheny)

For proof, look south to Sodermalm, a large inner-city island humming with creativity. “There are more fun and innovative and exciting and heartfelt things going on in Sodermalm than anywhere else in Stockholm,” said craft brewer Henok Fentie, a Stockholm native and co-founder of Omnipollo, an experimental, and highly influential, Swedish beer producer. Although he’s currently living in Ethiopia — a temporary posting with his diplomat wife — whenever Fentie’s in town, you’ll likely find him on the island where he grew up, which was also the natural location to open the first Omnipollo outpost in 2015, a trippy pizza-and-beer...