Geoffrey Morrison
2 minute read
14 Feb 2020
9:09 am

How to stay connected to the traveller in you

Geoffrey Morrison

It’s hard to re-enter the world after an adventure.

Trains should see a spike in popularity in 2020 with travellers who wish to reduce the environmental impact of their wanderlust. © kasto80 /

The end of any of my extended adventures is a mix of excitement and sorrow. I’m excited to see my home friends, eat at my favourite restaurants and sleep in my own bed. It’s always fascinating to see what has changed and what hasn’t. With any luck, you’ll feel energised. Better able to sort out what needs sorting, better able to get back into your life with a new perspective. Stay in contact with the people you've met In this digital era, distance is only a state of mind. If you’re feeling low late at night, guess what? Someone you...