Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
3 minute read
2 Mar 2020
8:07 am

River Meadow Manor is a historical haven in Pretoria

Thami Kwazi

Although SA has a dark past, we can take the elements that work, fuse them with the present and build beautiful businesses for the future.

I’ve had to strategise all my travel plans for 2020. With coronavirus running rampant, my well-planned Asia trip has taken a back seat. Even the thought of getting on the Gautrain to the airport has become unappealing. My strong imagination has me paranoid, wondering if the person seated next to me on the train might just let out a sneeze exposing the whole compartment to an incurable virus. Sounds silly but this virus has got many people wondering if any of us will ever get to experience our dream holidays. Better to look closer to home. This brings me to...