Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
24 May 2020
8:18 am

Camping: Enjoy the essence of the tented life

Brendan Seery

Because campsites are often located in or near wildlife reserves, it is a good way to expose youngsters to our natural flora and fauna.

Picture: iStock.

You don’t get much more socially distant than when you put up your tent under the twisted bent thorn tree in the campsite in the Kuiseb River in the Namib Desert. Some years ago, as my wife, kids and I sat around the fire, I mused: “You know guys, if you go 80km in any direction from here, you will probably not encounter another human being …” One could sense the shivers down spines as the realisation of aloneness sank in. Then I told them about my mate John, who used to work as a geophysicist doing research in the...