Jared Ruttenberg
5 minute read
9 Aug 2020
9:00 am

Getting back to the bush at Marataba Safari Lodge

Jared Ruttenberg

This first precious visit back to the bush has reminded me of a different way to live in the world.

Marataba Safari Lodge. Picture: Supplied

Out of sheer desperation I penned the words. Was it day 20 or day 100 – who knows? What I do know, is that as a travel writer – and more poignantly a South African – I have a love for the bush coursing through my veins. The African psyche is moulded with a firm grounding and appreciation of the land and its life. It was a pandemic-forced separation that had led me to write the words: wilderness in waiting I called out desperately to the wilderness “I need you right now” then strained my ears for response and finally,...