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25 Jul 2022
12:58 pm

Ibiza hotel offers free one night stay, but everyone can see you

Citizen Reporter

This Spanish hotel is offering a free one night stay but there is a catch - everyone can see you.

Ibiza hotel Paradiso Art Hotel. Picture: Instagram

There is an influx of tourists travelling Europe during their summer season and one Ibiza hotel in Spain is taking full advantage of the high numbers. 

Known for its tropical beaches, endless sunshine and the best DJs playing at their clubs, this Ibiza hotel – Paradiso Art Hotel is offering a ” zero suite” for free.

The creatively and quirky designed establishment is made completely out of glass.

The Spanish hotel is offering a free one-night stay, but there is a catch. Because it’s made out of glass, everyone can see you during the duration of your stay. 

The see-through room is located in the hotel’s reception, meaning everyone coming into the hotel will see your room.

The space is completely furnished and includes a bed, a table and chairs, and a private bathroom with a toilet and shower. The hotel said that the suite is “not suitable for wallflowers”.

Tik Tok content creator, Olympia Anley, shared her experience at Paradiso Art Hotel, showing people standing around the lobby waving at her.  

The video garnered over 12.8 million views, with 1.6 million likes. 

@olympiaanley i’ve made a lot of friends tonight #ibiza #paradiso #art ♬ Lights – Em1r

Because the video went viral, Olympia made a follow-up video explaining that the bathroom is in a private room and is not see-through, which was the biggest concern for most people interested in making a booking.

Hotels are going to drastic lengths to get people back into their establishments. Recently, a Switzerland hotel located in the village of Saillon, in the southern canton of Valais offered a one-night stay for R5 460.

The biggest catch was that the hotel room had no walls or ceiling.

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The reason behind this was to highlight concerning current affairs topics such as climate change, wars and “humanity’s endless competition for perfection and the damage it causes the planet”.

The hotel said they felt it was an important way of reflecting on the current world situation. “Staying here is a statement about the need for urgent changes in society.”

Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele