Three tips to stay motivated about health and fitness in 2023

Stay on track with your New Year’s resolution goals by trying out these steps. 

Already struggling to keep up that New Year’s resolution to be healthy and fit this year? And it’s only just creeping into February!

Don’t despair – we’ve got three tips from Herbalife Nutrition to help boost your motivation levels and keep you focused on making 2023 your year of health. Let’s go: 

Get your goals right (and be realistic): We’ve all set a list of unrealistic, unachievable goals and then felt like we failed, because we couldn’t reach them. The trick is to keep these goals manageable and to remember that slow progress is still progress.

It’s easy to be a little overly ambitious at the beginning of the year, but consistency is key when it comes to fitness. You won’t suddenly be able to run a marathon after neglecting your running for years, but you could slowly work towards running a 5k fun run.

Write down your progress to help visualise your success and look at this list on the days when you just aren’t feeling it.

Celebrate your wins (no matter how small): Big or small, a win’s a win. Everytime you tick off a goal, take a moment to celebrate that victory. Do a little happy dance, treat yourself to a relaxing evening, or go out and splurge on that item you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Maybe you could promise yourself some bigger “prizes” for those really impressive milestones.


Mix things up: Let’s face it, fitness can get a little monotonous in the long run and, when you’re bored, you’re more likely to throw in the sweat towel. Keep things fresh by constantly updating your workout routine; try rotating your target areas, switch up activities, or sign up for a different fitness class. The change in routine is also a bonus for your body, as you ensure you don’t overtrain in one area.

The same applies to your pre-and post-workout nutrition. Giving your body the right nutrients is critical, but drinking the same protein shake every day can become somewhat uninspiring. You could try out different flavours over a few months and rotate your favourites from there or switch a shake for a high protein iced coffee if you’re feeling fancy. Play around with recipes that turn your shake into a snack or swap it out for a post workout protein bar on some days.

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