Kingsley Holgate embarks on yet another African adventure

This 18-month expedition will cover 12 African countries, showcasing the continent's captivating landscapes and cultures from the inside of the new Defender 130.

Kingsley Holgate at 77 is not ready to hang up his expedition boots.

After completing the challenging Hot Cape – Cold Cape Transcontinental Journey from Africa’s southern tip to Norway’s Arctic Circle, he sets off on his 41st geographic and humanitarian expedition. This time, he is collaborating with the conservation NGO African Parks and Afrika Odyssey to create a legacy journey with a focus on conservation, culture and community.

The 18-month Afrika Odyssey expedition will aim to highlight the incredible revival of 22 national parks managed by African Parks, covering a staggering 20 million hectares of protected areas. These parks play a vital role in preserving Africa’s biodiversity while providing numerous benefits to local communities.

Kingsley with his son Ross.

Ross Holgate, Kingsley’s son and expedition leader, describes the upcoming journey as one of their most challenging ever attempted. The expedition will navigate long distances on rough dirt roads, traverse dense Congo forests, navigate heart-pounding river crossings, conquer vast deserts and rocky mountain terrains, and tackle wetlands that become near impassable during the rainy season. The logistical hurdles of this expedition are nothing short of extreme. But as is custom, they take their trusty steeds with them – the new Defender 130.

Starting in Iona National Park, nestled within the ancient Namib Desert in southern Angola, the expedition will traverse Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Chad, and conclude in Benin.

Join Kingsley on this extraordinary journey that blends adventure, philanthropy and exploration. Stay tuned for updates as the expedition unfolds, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Africa.

Source: MotorPress


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