Devan Naidoo
2 minute read
2 Oct 2008

A grand visual spectacle

Devan Naidoo

DEVAN NAIDOO reviews Sivaji: The Boss. CineCentre.

After waiting for more than a month with bated breath, the mother of all movies has finally hit South Africa’s theatres. Sivaji: The Boss is produced by the AVM banner with direction by S. Shankar. The storyline is aimed at creating awareness about black money, which hampers India’s growth and economy.

Sivaji (Rajnikanth) is a rich non-resident Indian with a mission. He arrives in India with a dream to lead a revolt against an evil society. His principal partner in the venture is his uncle (Vivek). Sivaji has to contend with Adhikesavan (Suman), a devious educationalist and hospital owner who pulls out all the stops to stop Sivaji’s plans.

Meanwhile, Sivaji falls in love with Tamilselvi (Shriya) and they get married, ignoring a fortune-teller’s prediction of calamity.

The evil Adhikesavan ensures that Sivaji loses all his wealth and his dreams lie shattered in a heap of dust.

Being in possession of a one rupee coin, Sivaji changes his destiny. He transforms into a lion and pursues all the money sharks. This is followed by rib-tickling humour, the rooting out of black money and corrupt politicians, some wishful thinking, deception and a dramatic theme.

Rajnikanth gives a brilliant performance with his new refreshing look. Shriya looks ravishing and delivers an almost flawless performance, while Suman is brilliant as the bad guy.

Director Shankar’s magnum opus Sivaji: The Boss oozes substance and style. He creates cinematic magic by using his heart and soul. Of course, the film does have a few flaws and an overdose of action. However, the cinematography and screenplay are brilliant. Shankar’s imagery for some of the songs is the best I have ever witnessed in Indian cinema -absolutely mind-blowing.

To all you South Indian, Rajnikanth and Bollywood fans, this film is a grand visual spectacle and must be seen. ****