Mike Hill
1 minute read
26 May 2012

College-Westville match will be a tough encounter

Mike Hill

HOCKEY, once the domain of only the larger schools, is now being played by almost all schools...

HOCKEY, once the domain of only the larger schools, is now being played by almost all schools.

The smaller schools, however, do not have enough boys to compile separate rugby and hockey teams to play on a Saturday. As they have boys that play both disciplines, hockey matches are held during the week.

Players from the smaller schools are at disadvantage as they either have to hire artificial surfaces or play matches on grass.

Playing often on both surfaces does not help the hockey development of the individual.

Nevertheless some of the smaller schools are beginning to play successfully against the second teams from the bigger schools.

George Campbell, a school new at hockey, showed that they have ability as they drew with Glenwood last week and they will play Northwood. The Durban North side have done well, but they must not be complacent in this game.

Maritzburg College take on Westville. Since the establishment of their astro, Westville hockey has improved dramatically. College, however, have the results to show that they must be the top school in the province.

Last week in Johannesburg, Westville beat KES, one of the top sides in the country. The week before College had also beaten KES, but by a bigger margin. The College Westville match will be a tough encounter for both teams.

DHS do seem to have had a rough ride on the hockey surfaces this year. They have lost most of their matches.

Glenwood have done better over the season and although both these teams lost against Kearsney, Glenwood beat both Northwood and Westville, teams that DHS lost against.