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Hijackers pull, rip pensioner’s arm

By Nathi Oliphant

AN 85-year-old Howick woman might never be able to use her right arm again after she was pulled from her car by hijackers in Athlone on Sunday afternoon.

Having lost her vital documents, which were in the car, Beatrice Pearl Harrison is now nursing her injuries in hospital. The incident happened in Valley Vista Road, while she was coming from lunch at her sister’s home in Lexden Circle.

Her family were concerned because when they went to open a case, Townhill police told them the victim had to fill in the report, even though they explained that Harrison was in hospital.

When The Witness inquired yesterday, the case had still not been entered into the system, but Superintendent Henry Budhram eventually confirmed that the case had been opened by Townhill and is being investigated.

Speaking to The Witness from her hospital bed, Harrison who lives in a Howick old age home, said that as she approached Hosking Road a car cut her off.

“How I missed from crashing into a barrier, I don’t know. It all happened so quickly I could barely keep tabs.

“Two men leapt out of this vehicle, wrenched my door open and pulled me out of the car. I don’t know how they did that because I had my seat belt on, whether they cut it or what,” said Harrison.

She was thrown in the middle of the road and one of the men jumped into her car and drove off, leaving her screaming. She tried to get up but could not.

“I was bleeding profusely and I could see the peeled off skin of my right arm hanging and blood on my arm. For five minutes no one and no car approached before a lady drove by. She helped and took me to my sister and they rushed me to hospital,” said Harrison.

Harrison lost several of her belongings in the car, including all her cards, identity document, cellphone and her walking stick. Her sister helped her stop the bank cards.

Both of Harrison’s arms were severely injured, and her right arm was suspended in a sling in hospital.

Harrison’s sister, Ariel Calitz, was shocked by the incident and said had it not been for the good Samaritan who drove by, her sister would have been helpless.

Harrison’s car is a white 1995 Toyota Corolla (NR 8327).