Sharlene Pacckree
3 minute read
30 Sep 2008

Lotters’ brutal killing retold

Sharlene Pacckree

Details of how a Westville couple were brutally strangled and stabbed to death were revealed in the Pinetown Regional Court yesterday.

Details of how a Westville couple were brutally strangled and stabbed to death were revealed in the Pinetown Regional Court yesterday.

These were heard during the bail application of Mathew Naidoo, one of the three suspects charged with the murders of Johan and Magdalena Lotter. Naidoo allegedly assisted Nicolette (26) and her younger brother Hardus Lotter to kill their parents at their Westville home in July.

Johan Lotter was the head of the Bayer/Lanxess chemical plant situated in Merebank and was well known in the Westville suburb where the couple had lived for the past 18 years.

Investigating Officer Constable Kubendran Naidoo, who works with the Organised Crime Unit, told magistrate Yuga Naidoo that Magdalena Lotter was shocked with a Tazer, had her hands tied with cable ties and was gagged with a sock and duct tape.

“A syringe was used to insert an air bubble into a vein …

“She was assaulted and stabbed several times. She died as a result,” he said.

Johan Lotter was strangled with an electric cable. However, he managed to defend himself during the attack before he was overcome.

“During this act of strangulation, a fight broke out with Mr Lotter; he was assaulted and died of his injuries. He was found naked in the passage of his home,” Constable Naidoo said.

Magdalena Lotter was found lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen.

During Constable Naidoo’s brief summary of the murders, Nicolette bowed her head and closed her eyes.

The court also heard that the couple had received several death threats before their brutal murders.

Constable Naidoo said that in June, Johan Lotter opened a case of intimidation at the Westville Police station after the couple received threatening SMSes.

He said that Magdalena Lotter had also written a letter where she expressed her concern over Mathew Naidoo’s lack of respect in her home.

It is believed that Nicolette would sneak Mathew into the home while her parents were asleep, and he would only leave once the couple had left for work in the morning.

In the letter, she described how she discovered her handbag had gone missing after she had asked Mathew to help her carry shopping bags from her car.

“Money was also withdrawn from her account. There were two withdrawals,” said the constable.

He told the court that three smses were sent to Johan Lotter’s phone that stated that the family’s lives were in danger.

One sms read: “In a month’s time, you will be killed.” Six weeks later, the Lotters were found murdered.

He also told the court that Mathew informed his parents and friends in July 2007 that he had secured a job with Virgin Mobile in London and would be relocating.

“He never left the country, but his family thought he did. Naidoo [Mathew] had bought his mother a birthday gift, a set of earrings and a necklace. He told her that he had bought the gift in London,” he said.

In March 2007, he visited his mother at her workplace in Umgeni Road and took her home as she was sick.

After Mathew’s arrest, he pointed out two places in Westville where the syringes, rubber gloves, cable ties, insulation tape and bloodied clothes were dumped.

The case has been remanded to October 15.