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Pantomime season gets under way

By Caroline Smart

CAROLINE SMART reviews Robin Hood Adult Panto at Seabrooke's Theatre, DHS.

Head for Seabrooke’s Theatre at Durban High School from now until New Year’s Eve, if you want to enjoy a right royal riotous romp in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood.

Anthony Stonier has been part and parcel of the adult pantomimes since their inception but this time he takes on the added role of director and his input in this field is evident. The actors are well prepared, the scenes flow easily and the humour comes thick and fast. He has highlighted the best qualities of his talented cast and used them to full advantage.

The scene is mediaeval England. Princess Joan of Collins (Anthony Stonier) is ruling things, while her brother is away on the Crusades. She’s ruthless and determined to take over her brother’s position but Robin Hood – who is well known for his legendary policy of stealing from the wealthy to give to the poor – is equally determined to outwit her. He has placed a spy in her court, one Nurse Stirrups, whose job it is to look after the beautiful but tomboyish Maid Marion.

Once we know who’s who in the zoo, the story gallops along at a great pace, introducing a myopic and somewhat dof Robin Hood (Sean de Klerk), the swashbuckling Little John (Rowan Bartlett), Friar Tuck masquerading as Nurse Stirrups (Thomie Holtzhausen) and Clare McIlroy as the lisping Maid Marion.

Despite the irritations of bad sound, the songs are all highly enjoyable – from the Monty Python Lumberjack and Jerry Herman’s Before the Parade to Cole Porter’s Swell Party and Rogers and Hammerstein’s Never Walk Alone. High on the popularity list were Rowan Bartlett’s Feelin’ Good and Can’t Hurry Love in which Rowan Bartlett and Sean de Klerk do a hilarious “sister” act. Court of Sheriff Nottingham (with apologies to Rolf Harris) was another crowd pleaser.

Tickets are from R85 (no concessions). For further information and to book, contact 074 190 6239.