Kyle Venktess
2 minute read
3 Dec 2013

The funkiest, briefest outfits are drawing all eyes at Rage

Kyle Venktess

BIKINI tops, short pants and ripped vests showing all the muscles one can show with a shirt on — this is the dress code for the Matric Rage 2013...

BIKINI tops, short pants and ripped vests showing all the muscles one can show with a shirt on — this is the dress code for the Matric Rage 2013.

Both girls and guys opted for the funkiest sunglasses they could find to compliment their colourful attire.

The guys took every opportunity to show off their biceps and in some cases sculpted pectorals, which they had to keep contained in their school uniforms in the past.

Girls chose colourful skirts and shorts to compliment the festive mood. Peak caps and funky glasses were the most popular accessories.

At the Sound Factory in Ballito, the venue for major events during the festival, many Ragers immediately donned head- and sweatbands that were passed out for free.

Most Ragers stayed in Ballito at hotels and resorts, and holiday homes in the area, with others staying in Umhlanga at the hotels along the beach front.

Both streets along Umhlanga and Ballito were packed with scores of those attending the Rage festival, with the hive of activity around the Sound Factory.

Traffic into Ballito on routes from the N2 and M4 came to a standstill — the influx of visitors and Ragers, coupled with the construction around Ballito Drive, caused major traffic delays into the town.

With light drizzle and gloomy clouds, the weekend weather also did not play its best role in making the first weekend of the event more pleasing. But this did not deter kids from making the most that they could out of the festival. Beer and cider were the go-to drinks. Many groups had ample supply of bottles and cans at their accommodation.

Ragers say the best thing about the event was the freedom.

“It feels like we are in our 20s,” said Megan Hogs. “We can do whatever we want. You get to see your friends and everyone is festive.”

Michael Bower said: “If you’re not fresh, don’t come to Rage.”

Those in the area say that Rage-goers have been particularly well behaved this year with no incidents being reported.

Official Rage night club owner Blair Lock said that the response they have been receiving has been “phenomenal”.

“It is a pleasant surprise that Rage-goers have been well behaved, which makes our life much easier to provide smooth security and safety for everyone attending. We saw a major increase in visitors since Sunday with many people from up-country arriving in Ballito. It’s an awesome energy and vibe in Ballito. There are a lot of hugs and kisses and it’s great to see a reminder of when we were 18,” Lock said.