Shorné Bennie
2 minute read
2 Aug 2022

Appeal for assistance in locating injured monkey in Athlone, Pietermaritzburg

Shorné Bennie

The arrow remains lodged in the monkey's face, just missing its eye.

The monkey that has been shot with what appears to be a crossbow in Athlone, Pietermaritzburg. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Monkey Helpline is calling for assistance from the community to inform them of the whereabouts of a monkey that has been shot with what appears to be a crossbow in Athlone, Pietermaritzburg.

The arrow remains lodged in the monkey’s face, just missing its eye.

From numerous Facebook posts, it is believed the monkey has been frequenting the Athlone area.

The founder of Monkey Helpline, Steve Smit, said they would like assistance from residents in tracking down the monkey to help it.

If residents can put out food and monitor the monkey and let us know the time that he frequents the area, we can trap him and get assistance. From the pictures I saw, it seems that the monkey is still strong and is able to move around. However, if the wound gets infected, then it is a problem.

Smit added that the best way to get assistance for the monkey is to trap him first, however, there are many risks if the arrow gets stuck in the cage, as this can cause further damage to the monkey.

There has been other cases where a monkey has been further injured while entering a trap, especially if the arrow gets caught on the side of the cage. So we need to be careful and try our best to get the monkey in a cage without causing further damage.

Smit urged residents to stop harming monkeys, but rather to get to know them and learn about their purpose.

It is a cruel thing to shoot an animal with a crossbow, pellet gun or any other device. It is illegal to deliberately cause harm to an animal and it is an immoral and disgusting thing to do. I keep telling people to sit and watch them. They too are just trying to survive … We need to know that we have invaded their homes because troops were formed ages ago.

Those who would like to assist in monitoring the monkey, can contact Steven Smit at 08 659 4711 or Carol Booth at 082 411 5444.