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5 Jul 2022

Cash in transit guard shot dead during heist

Witness Reporter

A Fidelity services group driver was shot dead in a cash in transit heist on Monday morning.

A Fidelity Services group driver was shot dead in a cash in transit heist in Kokstad on Monday morning.

According to a statement released by CEO of Fidelity Services group Wahl Bartmann, a Fidelity Cash in Transit team in Kokstad was ambushed en route to their base by six heavily armed gunmen.

“The suspects rammed the Fidelity vehicle, unfortunately fatally shooting the driver. The two remaining crewmen were able to escape when the suspects set the vehicle alight,” said Bartmann.

Bartmann added that the gunmen were not able to access any of the cash in the vehicle.

“The attacks are occurring with increasing regularity and although less or no money is being stolen, there is enormous disregard for the sanctity of life and this senseless loss of life is just not acceptable. Vehicles are also being destroyed unnecessarily which just adds to the overall resource cost,’’ said Bartmann.

The group has said that they are working closely with police and have called for members of the public who might have any information to come forward.

Police have not responded yet.