Ntombizethu Ngcobo
2 minute read
16 Jul 2022

Hardware store robbed at gunpoint in Elandskop, KZN

Ntombizethu Ngcobo

One of the alleged robbers told a staff member, who was outside, that he was looking for paraffin before the attack.


The management and staff at Jada’s Hardware, in Khokhwane location in Elandskop, were left dazed and frightened after being robbed at gunpoint this week.

It is alleged that three armed men stormed into the store, demanding money on Wednesday morning.

According to the second manager, Adnan Aziz, who was working at the back of the store, one of the men told a staff member, who was outside, that he was looking for paraffin.

He came inside to check and went back out to call the other two men. The armed suspects came straight to the manager, Masi Jada, who was sitting at the till and demanded money. After he had opened the till, they tied him up with a cable and took about R6 000.

“When I saw them walking in, I thought they were customers and Masi was going to help them. I didn’t go to assist him, as I assumed if he needed me he would shout. After the suspects robbed us, a car came to fetch them on the main road.”

He added that only after the suspect had left the shop, did Jada tell him that they had robbed him.

I tried to follow them, but lost them on the way. This is the first time we have been robbed. We are still shaken. We believe the people who did this are not from this community. This community has been very kind to us.

“We are feeling scared. This incident has left us traumatised. These people were carrying guns. There was nothing we could do. We just had to cooperate,” Aziz said, adding the staff would like to see the suspects arrested.

A shaken Jada said he initially assumed the men were customers.

After this incident, it has been difficult for me to sleep as I keep having flashbacks.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Sifiso Gwala said a business robbery case was opened for investigation and there have been no arrests yet.

Gwala appealed for members of the public to come forward if they have information which might assist in finding these suspects.