Chris Ndaliso
Senior journalist
2 minute read
26 Jul 2022

KZN ANC Youth League calls for unity

Chris Ndaliso

“The youth league in KZN wishes to remind all ANC members in the province that unity of the party is sacrosanct and that cannot be over emphasized."

Sibonelo Nomvalo.

The ANC Youth League in KZN has called on party leadership and members to work towards unity.

This follows the party’s ninth provincial elective conference which was held at the Olive Convention Centre over the weekend.

The conference saw the change of the top five leaders from the chairperson to the treasurer of the party in the province.

The league provincial spokesperson Sibonelo Nomvalo said they conceptualised the conference’s theme “Unity renewal to serve the people of KZN” as a commitment by the provincial ANC to first practically renew itself to enable it to enhance its revolutionary capacity to advance social cohesion and human solidarity.

“The youth league in KZN wishes to remind all ANC members in the province that unity of the party is sacrosanct and that cannot be over emphasized. The strength of the ANC lies in its wisdom to unite its members.

“We make a clarion call that all lobby groups and caucuses which were established towards the conference should be dissolved with immediate effect. We should all rally behind the newly elected leadership and focus on reclaiming the lost ground in the province,” said Nomvalo.

He said it was common knowledge that the ANC in KZN is on the receiving end of electoral support that is gradually declining.

“The new provincial executive committee should establish comprehensive plans within the twinkle of an eye to resolve this great challenge. The Youth League acknowledges the tremendous job performed by the former ANC provincial executive committee for organizing a successful, peaceful, and remarkable conference.

“Their efforts in organizing the conference have attracted a great deal of praise. Furthermore, we extend our warmest congratulations to the newly elected leadership. Amongst other victories, current leaders of the ANCYL were also elected for the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC). Cde Mafika Mndebele Damane who is the coordinator of the Provincial Congress Preparatory Committee (PCPC) was elected to the PEC.

“On the other hand, Cde Sizophila Mkhize who is presently the spokesperson of the National Youth Task Team (NYTT) was also elected to be part of the PEC. We wish to exclusively express our heartfelt congratulations to these two ANCYL leaders. It is often the ambition of the ANCYL to see its members/leaders being absorbed by the ANC,” he said.