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14 Apr 2021

Blood banks running dry

Witness Reporter

The woman giving birth. The cancer patient. The man undergoing open-heart surgery.

The woman giving birth. The cancer patient. The man undergoing open-heart surgery.

All of these people – and those who love them – rely on one thing, blood donations.

Sifiso Khoza, from the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), said all these people’s lives and their futures are at stake,but South Africa’s blood stock is currently desperately low.

“Our national blood supply is currently at just 2.4 days’ Group O stock, amounting to just over 2 113 units of O blood available around the country, whilst in KZN the blood supply is on 1.5 days’ Group O,” said Khoza.

He said the situation is critical.

“We need South Africans – active donors, lapsed donors and potential donors – to come forward right now to bolster the national blood stock.

“So many people in life-threatening situations require blood. It is what saves that haemorrhaging mother’s life, so that she can raise and love the baby she has just brought into the world. It is what saves someone suffering complications during major surgery. It is what helps that cancer patient endure and survive treatment.

“And that’s the point: it’s not just blood. It’s saving people’s lives, through a simple, easy donation,” said Khoza.

The SANBS has appealed to all South Africans to step forward and donate blood urgently.

“More than that, the SANBS appeals to South Africans to become regular donors. By donating blood only four times a year, we can easily avoid situations such as the one in which we find ourselves,” said Khoza.

The SANBS also appealed to the public to make venues available for blood drives. Suitable venues include spaces accessible and open to the public.