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Local teen raises funds for FreeMe

By Akheel Sewsunker

Daniela Cantarelli (14) crocheted a blanket that was part of a raffle which managed to raise R6 460.

FreeMe blankets
Daniela Cantarelli (14) crocheted a blanket on her own in one of her biggest projects to date. The blanket was raffled by FreeMe Wildlife, and over R6 000 was raised for the wildlife organisation. PHOTO: Supplied.

A local teen has raised over R6 000 for FreeMe Wildlife by crocheting a blanket.

Daniela Cantarelli (14), who attends St John’s DSG, said that it was a relatively new project for her.

I spent approximately 40 hours on the blanket. I only started crocheting in March, and the blanket is the biggest item I have made so far. I love making things and doing crafts, and I wanted to make myself a crocheted top so I just started, teaching myself from videos off the Internet.

“I would do something like this again, although I would prefer to make something a bit different,” she said.

She added that FreeMe is a worthy cause to support.

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“FreeMe is close to my home, and we previously took a yellow-billed kite that was in distress to them. I love nature and believe what they do is so important, especially as we encroach more and more into wildlife’s space,” she said.

FreeMe Wildlife was founded in 2007 and opened the doors to its facility on January 1, 2008.

The organisation does not charge for its services and relies solely on public support and volunteer work.

FreeMe Wildlife

According to the CEO of FreeMe Wildlife, Wade Whitehead, the funds raised will be put to good use.

These funds will be put towards the running costs of FreeMe Wildlife which include administration costs and any capital outlay projects, as well as animal care.

“For FreeMe Wildlife to function effectively we are always looking for patrons willing to donate funds that can be allocated towards the monthly running costs of the organisation, which is always the biggest challenge in a non-profit organisation,” he added.

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The blanket that Daniela crocheted was part of a raffle which managed to raise R6 460.