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Compiled by Chris Ndlaliso
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21 May 2022

WATCH | KZN residents urged to stay safe as disruptive rains continue

Compiled by Chris Ndlaliso

As the torrential rain lashed KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday, it wreaked havoc in Durban.

As the torrential rain lashed KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday, it
wreaked havoc in Durban.

The rain comes as many KZN residents are still recovering
and counting the costs of the recent floods that claimed lives and left people
homeless in April.

Residents have been advised by emergency workers to stay
indoors as many roads have been flooded in Durban and surroundings. However, no
accidents related to the bad weather had been reported to authorities on
Saturday evening.

eThekwini Municipality and the KwaZulu Natal Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) released statements cautioning people about safety and precautionary measures, especially for those who live in compromised areas, like shack dwellers.

eThekwini said the South African Weather Service has advised that the status of the weather warning level has increased to level 10 which is the highest.

“The intensity of the rain is expected to only subside on Sunday. It is expected that water levels on the roads and rivers will increase,” said spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela.

Mayisela cautioned residents to be on the lookout for
floodwater on the Isipingo onramp northbound left lane.

On the southbound onramp at the airport, there is water on
the left side. Water is also pooling just before the Platt Drive robots on the
left, as well as at the transit camp.

“There is a significant amount of water on South Coast Road
joining Blamey Road westbound to Montclair. 
Please drive carefully. There is water and mud on the M7 in both
directions between N3 and Hans Detman.

“Water is filling up in Caversham Road where the temporary
repair was made. Stapleton and Eden roads in Pinetown have flooded along with
the Stapleton Road off ramp from the M13. These roads are closed,” he said.

Motorists are warned not to use the M7 due to mudslides and
moving water across the roadway.

“Only the right lane is open going towards the M4 south
bound leaving Margaret Mncadi Avenue (Victoria Embankment), all other lanes are
filled with water. One lane is open in the vicinity of the old airport. Please
avoid uMngeni Road as it is filled with water,” said Mayisela.

He further noted the following:

-Tara Road and Quality Street in the South Durban Basin are

-Verulam Shari Road bridge in Everest Heights may

-Bridges over Mountbatten and Varsity Drive on M19 are

-Avoid Florence Masing Road behind UNISA.

-Avoid the N3 towards the CBD as there is lots of water.

-Avoid Cope Road, on the lower end of Alpine Road off

Residents are urged to exercise caution and adhere to the