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Jyothi Laldas
2 minute read
19 Apr 2021

WATCH | Ongoing water troubles in KwaDukuza, KZN

Jyothi Laldas

Ongoing water outages have left various areas in KwaDukuza high and dry for more than a week.

Ongoing water outages have left various areas in KwaDukuza high and dry for more than a week.

Troubles with the water supply began on Monday last week with low pressures and were exacerbated by a shut down of the lower Thukela bulk supply by Umgeni Water for emergency repairs on the mainline on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

This caused a number of reservoirs to become depleted. Residents of the CBD, Stanger Manor, Warrenton, Highridge, Stanger Heights and other surrounding areas were left without water until Friday.

Furthermore, no water tankers were made available until community leader, Tarzan Naicker, intervened.

Despite numerous queries by residents, clear reasons for the challenges from the water authority- the iLembe District Municipality (IDM)- have yet to be given.

Further intervention by Naicker and Ticko Ayer resulted in some information being filtered down to residents as to when water could be expected.

However, more challenges with pumping and inflow to the reservoirs resulted in Stanger Manor and surrounds being left without water again from Sunday morning to date.

In a notice to the public on Sunday, the district said that some parts of Stanger Manor were experiencing low pressure and that the operator and plumbing team were on-site trying to adjust flows in order to maintain pressures.

But by the afternoon, water had shut off completely in all areas of the suburb.

On Sunday afternoon, ward councillor, Madhun Sing, said on a WhatsApp group chat that Stanger Manor “is having healthy inflow now”, however, the supply was still not restored.

He visited the reservoir feeding the area together with the plumbing team the next day and said, “Water flow is very good and hopefully in the next three to four hours (from 10.10am) most of the low lying areas will receive water…the higher areas will receive water a little later.

“We definitely have to investigate the circumstances around the water crisis in Stanger Manor.”

He said at the time the reservoir was between 25 to 30 percent full and once it reached 35 to 40 percent then all residents in Stanger Manor will be receiving water.

He expressed disappointment in the district.

“We have this ongoing water crisis for almost a week but hopefully today we should all receive water.”

Questions have been sent to the district and feedback is being awaited.