Sabelo Nsele
5 minute read
30 May 2016

Malema wades into Zuma

Sabelo Nsele

EFF leader Julius Malema has used a speech in KZN to lambast a "selfish" President Jacob Zuma as well as "immature and backward people" in the province "who do not know what democracy is".

Pietermaritzburg – EFF leader Julius Malema on Sunday took aim at President Jacob Zuma in a no-holds-barred speech that lambasted the cost implications attached to the president’s love life.

Speaking at the Edendale Lay Centre, Malema said Zuma should take responsibility for his wives and the taxpayers should only pay for one first lady.

He said the fact that the SAPS spent over R8 million on 11 cars for Zuma’s wives in the past five years, showed that Zuma is “selfish”.

“We have a responsibility to provide for the wife of the president, but not wives. But this one comes with four and omakhwapheni (mistresses).

“This is like me inviting you to a party and you bring your four friends who were not invited to the party. Now who must pay for them? Next president please bring only one wife. You bring four, you pay for them.

“Zuma is a bhuti Madlisa [a ‘blesser’] who took our money and bought cars for his wives,” he said.

Malema pointed to a nearby settlement in Edendale and said the over R8 million spent on buying cars for the wives of the president, would have changed many lives of people living there.

Political violence

Malema, whose blitzkrieg in Empangeni was marred on Saturday when members of his party were pelted with stones, allegedly by ANC supporters, said KZN is the only province that has political violence and it is led by “immature and backward people who do not know what democracy is”.

“Nowhere in the country will you find this hooliganism and foolishness. Our programmes are being disrupted by extremely old people who should be at home.

“They think they are undermining the EFF by disrupting our rallies, but in fact they are undermining the work done by ANC veterans who fought for this democracy.

“If they understand democracy, they should defend our right to disagree with them. If Zuma knew what he was fighting for, he should condemn the violence meted out against ordinary people. But then again, Zuma does not know what he is doing. Back then he bumped into people who were singing revolutionary songs and joined them without having an idea of what he was fighting for,” he said.

Malema said he now believes IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s insistence that the IFP was not responsible for political killings in the province.

“Back then we did not believe him. But now we are seeing the ruling party being intolerant. They are even killing each other fighting for councillor posts. If you disagree with them, you are dead,” he said.

‘Intolerance by ANC members’

Two hours before Malema was to deliver his speech, the road leading to the entrance of the Edendale Lay Centre had been blocked with burning tyres.

There was a heavy police presence around the centre as people wearing ANC T-shirts had gathered not far from the centre.

Malema said the “intolerance by ANC members” showed the ruling party is feeling the pressure.

“A party of 100 years is shaken. The time for old-timers is gone. They are used to being comfortable in their space with their big stomachs but now we are making them work for what they are getting paid for,” he said.

Malema also did not spare the “white capital-owned media” and the public broadcaster.

He blamed the media for portraying the EFF as a violent party.

“If ANC members disrupt our rally, they will say there was tension between ANC and EFF members. They are protecting the interests of the capitalists.

“This SABC is worse … It should be renamed to African National Congress Broadcaster,” he said.

Land expropriation

Meanwhile, Malema also vowed to seize white-owned land without compensation in Msunduzi if his party wins the municipality in the local government elections.

The EFF leader said he saw no point in compensating “people who did not buy the land”, but “stole it from our forefathers”.

“We do not want money. We will make more money if we have our land. We will never be unemployed if we have our land. We will never be homeless if we have our land. We will never suffer and die in poverty if we have our land.

“That is why when they arrived here, they did not take anyone’s wife or husband. They took the land because they knew that if you had the land, you have everything.

“Our struggle is a struggle for the return of land. That is why when we take Msunduzi we will change and expropriate the land and give it to our people to use for production and settlement. That is your land, nobody is doing you a favour,” he said.

Malema said if Zuma could return the land, he would forgive him for all his “sins”.

“I will even forgive him for the R8 million [that was spent on Zuma’s wives’ cars]. I would say Nxamalala, Msholozi, I would say all his clan names. I will also go back home because what I am fighting for, would had been achieved,” he said.

Malema said the EFF would also change the “corporate-like style” in which the municipalities are operating.

“They are operating like entities which need to make money. In an EFF municipality, there will be a rate for poor and a rate for the rich who can afford it,” he said.

Malema also issued a stern warning to councillor candidates who will be representing the party.

“Remain humble. You are a servant not a celebrity. We are seeing these ministers [Malusi] Gigaba, [Fikile] Mbalula and Mzwandile Masina posting nice food on Twitter. That is an insult to the poor who go to bed on an empty stomach,” Malema said.