Clive Ndou
Politics editor
2 minute read
29 Jul 2022

Ngizwe Mchunu locks horns with MEC Sibiya

Clive Ndou

Mchunu posted a video on Facebook lambasting Sibiya and also made fun of the shape of the MEC's head.

Former Ukhozi FM DJ Ngizwe Mchunu. PHOTO: FILE

Former Ukhozi FM DJ Ngizwe Mchunu is embroiled in a war of words with Human Settlement MEC Jomo Sibiya.

Last month he incurred the wrath of KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala, following a series of public attacks on the premier.

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Mchunu, who is known for using his Facebook page to launch attacks on ANC politicians, used his latest Facebook post to lambaste Sibiya and make fun of the shape of the MEC’s head.

Mchunu said in a video recording posted on his Facebook page:

That Human Settlement minister with a funny head is useless, he must go.

Mchunu, who following the July unrest was one of those arrested for inciting the looting and violence, urged newly-elected ANC provincial chairperson, Siboniso Duma, to remove Sibiya from the provincial cabinet.

That man, Jomo Sibiya, doesn’t deserve to be in the cabinet. He must go and look after President Ramaphosa’s cattle at the Phala Phala farm.

Sibiya, who is also a member of the ANC provincial executive committee (PEC), did not take kindly to Mchunu’s attacks.

MEC Jomo Sibiya.

Sibiya said in a video posted on Facebook:

If you say I have a big head then you should also understand that it is the type of a head which is perfect for butting. If I meet you, I will butt you until you bleed. Your problem is that you have not been given a good hiding before. If I meet you, I will give you a good hiding.

However, Sibiya later retracted his threats, saying the statement was an “error”.

The video circulating on social media was an error in judgement on my part for which I take full responsibility. The video was recorded in the heat of the moment. I’m a product of strong women, both in my upbringing and in my political development.

In the video Sibiya also accused Mchunu of behaving “like a woman”.

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Sibiya said he realises that comparing Mchunu to a woman was in poor taste.

“I’m also a great champion of women’s advancement and equality. Equating someone to a woman in a derogatory way was an error for which I apologise unconditionally.

“Society expects far more from people entrusted with the kind of responsibility that I have. I promise to do better and to continue serving with diligence and humility,” he said.

In June, Zikalala laid charges against Mchunu following a confrontation between the two during a cultural event in Durban.

Mchunu reacted by laying counter charges against Zikalala.

However, Mchunu and Zikalala later smoked the peace pipe and agreed to withdraw the charges.