Nompilo Kunene
Senior online journalist
1 minute read
6 Jul 2022

WATCH | Safety concerns over ‘bus surfers’

Nompilo Kunene

A video went viral on social media showing commuters standing on the roof of a moving bus on the N3 in Durban.

The video taken by someone driving behind the bus shows commuters standing on top of a moving bus.

The police and social media users have raised concerns after a video of people standing and dancing on top of a moving bus on the N3 near Sherwood went viral.

The video, taken by someone driving behind the bus, shows commuters of a bus climbing out of the windows and onto the roof. Another commuter is seen holding onto the bus and running on the road.

Superintendent Boysie Zungu from Durban metro said they found out about the incident via social media. He said no one has come to them to open a case, so no arrests have been made.

Zungu said they will however be increasing police visibility on the freeway and has urged police to be vigilant and to be ready to deal with such incidents.

“We have zero tolerance for such actions. What those people were doing is extremely dangerous, it’s against the law and its unacceptable,” he said.