Londiwe Xulu
3 minute read
13 May 2022

ANC accuses DA in uMngeni of ‘double standards’

Londiwe Xulu

The ANC in the Moses Mabhida Region has accused the DA in uMngeni Municipality of “double standards”.

The ANC in the Moses Mabhida Region has accused the DA in uMngeni Municipality of “double standards”.

This follows the appointment of the former KwaZulu-Natal DA communications manager to the municipality.

Regional spokesperson, Njabulo Mtolo said Philisiwe Memela’s appointment to the municipality as the manager in the office of the mayor was done without due processes being followed.

“This post was never advertised, nor were proper interviewing processes followed. Furthermore, a manager in the office of the mayor is not part of the organogram of the municipality and certainly not budgeted for,” said Mtolo.

He added, “In fact, we were reliably informed of this potential appointment, together with more back door appointments of this nature expected soon, a long time ago, as it was a resolution of the DA’s Provincial Management Committee.”

Mtolo said this was blatant patronage and evident that the municipality was being run as a DA stokvel. “Of course, we are conclusively not shocked by these developments in uMngeni Municipality, as we have always known that the DA’s righteous behaviour is a sham,” he said.

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Mtolo said they had been following information on a decision that was taken at a DA provincial level to deploy more people in uMngeni.

“The DA is very critical of what they call cadre deployment of the ANC. Why are they on the side practising [something] worse. This person is from Durban, not even from uMgungundlovu District. Does this mean there’s no one in the district or uMngeni capable of assisting with the community development,” said Mtolo. He added the structure was not operational and they categorise it as pure nepotism.

Responding to the allegations, uMngeni mayor, Chris Pappas said Memela was appointed in full compliance with the office bearer’s support policy.

“At a full council meeting all political parties voted in favour of the new organogram process as well as the political office bearers support item. The ANC was in full support with no comments or concerns on the item. The ANC must indicate why they supported the policy only to try blow hot air afterwards,” said Pappas.

He said the policy regularises the appointment of staff linked to the term of office of political office bearers including personal assistants, bodyguards and any other positions that are affordable and deemed necessary. He said the policy aimed to break the back of cadre deployment and random appointments in political offices without looking at needs or feasibility.

“In the past the ANC simply appointed and dismissed people, reshuffled them and promoted them as they pleased. This has led to a skills deficit in uMngeni where 28% of staff are unqualified or under-experienced for the positions that they occupy. This was revealed after a skills audit,” said Pappas.

He said the ANC was upset that the new DA administration was closing the taps on their patronage networks and restoring confidence in the municipality. He added they have achieved a lot in six months and the ANC was struggling to find relevance in council and in their wards.