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19 Jul 2022

Letters | Cameron Mackenzie, true son of the city

Witness Reporter

The death of Cameron Mackenzie is a great lost to Pietermaritzburg.

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I take the liberty of penning a short obituary for a true son of Pietermaritzburg and indeed, KwaZulu-Natal as a whole.

Cameron Mackenzie, a product of Maritzburg College, was to the core of his being, a retailer.

From the comparatively humble beginnings of Parklane Spar that so many will remember, to the magnificence of Parklane Super Spar that is so proud a symbol of his legacy that stands proudly today, Cameron served the discerning shopper with an unwavering belief in what he was doing and what he was offering.

Cameron’s simple philosophy was based on fundamental logic, minute attention to detail, an unquentionable thirst for perfection, and if possible beyond.

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There is no doubt that what he built within his customer base was trust and as a result, complete loyalty. His staff, many of whom can trace their roots way back to the early Parklane, will attest to the motivation they received that was so unique to Cameron.

“Standards” were his keynote and in every way, he achieved them with never a moment of complacency. His energy and humour were contagious and the result, an edifice of grandeur to his labours.

On a personal note, Cameron was an avid rower with many a Dusi completed, including the one-day Dusi which was not for the feint-hearted.

From what I gathered, Cameron also found time to acquire a pilot’s licence.

As a human being, Cameron was the epitome of generosity and kindness despite a sometimes pseudo tough exterior. His philanthropy was extended very much under the radar and not for personal gratification or self- embellishment.

Our town, our province and for so many of us, our lives, will be forever in some way changed by the passing of this “man of our moment”, and our hearts and sympathies go out to his family. RIP.

Conor O’Hagan Ward