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19 Jul 2022

Letters | Robben Island style

Witness Reporter

Rampant corruption is common among SA's political elite.

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Robben Island has produced more millionaires and billionaires than any university in South Africa, reads a post I received from numerous sources on WhatsApp.

This post was so significant that even Herman Mashaba, president of ActionSA, received the post, commented and re-posted it on social media.

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Although Mashaba linked the post to university education, most ordinary people who received the post, interpreted it as referring to the rampant corruption found among some of SA’s political elite.

Regrettably, Robben Island, recognised as a key part of SA’s freedom history, is now being linked to dishonesty, moral decay and leaders who carry out unethical governance.

Some leaders who fought for liberation and who are now in powerful positions, have abandoned the commitment to establish a just SA based on human rights and social justice.