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Letters | Intervention needed in Pietermaritzburg

By Letter Writer

Once again, we are faced with shocking news of the City’s declining finances.

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It is with disappointment that I learnt about a confidential report that reveals Treasury’s damaging review of the Msunduzi municipality.

This is not the first time that Pietermaritzburg citizens have read such distressing news.

Here I am reminded of Johann Mettler who was appointed in 2010 to rescue the maladministered Msunduzi municipality.

Pietermaritzburg citizens had been complaining about the poor service delivery from the municipality for some time.

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Regrettably, no real action was taken to fix the financial health of the municipality and the service-delivery issues.

Now, once again, we are faced with shocking news of the City’s declining finances.

The impact will be devastating to social development and the lives of people, especially the less privileged and senior citizens, if the City faces economic failure.

In terms of Section 152(1) (b) of the Constitution there are five focus areas of municipalities, the sphere of government located closest to the people.

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The object of local government is to ensure the universal provision of services to communities in a sustainable, democratic, accountable, safe and healthy manner, and to promote social and economic development and encourage the involvement of communities.

Hence, the citizens of Pietermaritzburg request the intervention of the highest level of government into the service-delivery issues that are not being delivered as cited in the Municipal Systems Act of 2000.