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Opinion | End of an error

By Bhekisisa Mncube

Although my eyes overflowed with tears, I cried out #HandsOffBusi, yet you, my leader, sidelined her.

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Bhekisisa Mncube.

Chief Dwasaho!

And so, the parliamentary section 194 committee has unfurled its decisive flag, advocating for the ousting of my beloved Busi, Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, from the revered Office of the Public Protector.

The die is cast.

This isn’t a sudden move; it’s a tempest that has been brewing for years.

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Although my eyes overflowed with tears, I cried out #HandsOffBusi, yet you, my leader, sidelined her.

In her place, you ushered in a baby-faced yet ostensibly qualified, “fit, and proper” individual as the acting head of this august Chapter 9 institution.

My leader, roughly a year ago, you didn’t just suspend her, you orchestrated a grand performance, having your pals in the Constitutional Court play along and seal your decision with their gavel.

Brilliant chess move!

And just like that, with the ink barely dry on that decision, Busi was evicted from her rent-free enclave, set among Pretoria’s elite.

She didn’t like it there, but it was part of her anthropological expedition, studying the ways of the high and mighty.

At heart, she’s a woman of humble stature and modest means.

But alas!

Your thirst wasn’t quenched merely by her eviction.

In a further twist of the knife, you stripped her of her security detail.

Picture it: my Busi, cruising down the N1 highway in Gauteng, sans the infamous Blue Light Brigade.

She was left to navigate the treacherous highways of politics, byways of governance and public scrutiny on her own.

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It’s concerning to note that Busi’s imminent departure isn’t just about her leaving her position, it signifies the possible loss of a staggering R10 million treasure.

And for what?

For her audacity to side with the underdogs, veterans such as the former ANC secretary general Ace Magashule, him of the ACT of folly.

Now, my leader, you teeter on the brink of a monumental act.

A dual legacy is at your fingertips.

First, orchestrating a vote in the National Assembly to unseat a Chapter 9 leader — a move not seen since the dawn of our democracy in 1994.

And second, hinting at a political bromance with the Democratic Alliance.

Could it be the onset of a grand coalition?

Time, as always, will tell.

My heart aches profoundly, my leader.

The wellspring of my tears has run dry and I find myself lost in introspection.

Why has my affection for Busi run so deep?

Time and time again, I have expended reams of paper, perhaps an entire forest, and worn down my fingertips while consuming precious Wi-Fi bandwidth, pouring my soul into letters directed at you.

My impassioned and relentless appeals have always been for Busi — that misunderstood warrior in the quest for justice.

Oh, my leader, let me tell you about Busi, a paragon of selflessness, ever willing to put her nation before her own desires.

Reflect, if you will, on her unwavering service, from her remarkable tenure at the Department of Home Affairs to her stint with the once-respected erstwhile National Intelligence Agency.

In each chapter of her career she has emerged as a beacon of dedication and “unimpeachable” integrity, ever the unswerving guardian of the law.

As a law graduate, my leader, you must be lenient with Busi and her counsel.

Oh, Advocate Dali Mpofu SC, he of the 1,3% triumph!

It’s nothing short of spectacular, with a win rate that puts most underdogs to shame.

Speaking of underdogs, enter our main act, Busi, with her track record of winning 0,1% of her reviewed cases.

But really, who needs numbers when you’ve got passion?

Especially with judges who occasionally trip on their lace-clad robes.

A misjudgement here, a mistake there — happens to the best of us.

And by “us”, I mean them.

But, Busi’s commitment to championing the cause of the dark horses is heart-warming.

The world might look at statistics and smirk, but they’re missing the point.

With such a portfolio, the International Criminal Court in The Hague should roll out its red carpet.

Think of the headlines: “Champion of the little guy takes on The Hague!”

Now, that’s a story I’d read!

Indeed, the end of an error.

Fare thee well, my Busi.

Till next week, my man.

Send me to the Public Protector House, I need to chat with Advocate Kholeka Gcaleka.

  • Bhekisisa Mncube is not just a storyteller; he’s a master weaver of tales that capture the heart and soul of South Africa. His new book, The Ramaphosa Chronicles, is available for sale at