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Our Viewpoint | Repairs to N3

By Our Viewpoint

Sanral says the Townhill resurfacing will take about two months to complete and the N3 upgrades are expected to take between eight and 10 years to complete.

Sanral is not yet able to tell motorists when the resurfacing of the N3 at Townhill will take place.

With the existing roadworks between Pietermaritzburg and Durban taking place, the N3 feels like a dangerous place to be right now.

Sanral tells us that the Townhill resurfacing will take about two months to complete.

It also says that the N3 upgrades from Pietermaritzburg to Durban are expected to take between eight and 10 years in total to complete.

So, it is inevitable that the Townhill roadworks will be done during the same time.

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The run from Howick to Durban could therefore see motorists encountering significant gridlocks and delays, especially when crashes occur, in two different places.

Sanral must make sure it plans the Townhill roadworks so they don’t interfere with holiday traffic.

It must do its utmost to ensure all safety measures are instituted so we don’t see a recurrence of the multiple horrific crashes and way too many mortalities that the previous roadworks cost us.

Industry and business bear the costs of the delays when trucks sit on the highway for hours at a time, and the frustrations of those who cannot get to King Shaka international airport in time for flights, can only be imagined.

There are many reasons why delays on the N3 could be dire for those stranded there.

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Regarding the resurfacing of the N3 at Townhill, because the tar there is reportedly rippling, it is presumed that the restorative roadworks will have to be done soon.

Motorists swerving to avoid significant waves in the road, as was the case before the repairs, can lead to crashes.

The waves were so pronounced previously that they posed a real danger to motorists and bikers who hit them.

Once the final investigations are complete and if culpability is assigned, this information must be shared with the public.

And the guilty party must be dealt with severely.