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Msunduzi condemns fraudulent land sales

By Witness Reporter

Msunduzi Municipality said it had been brought to the it's attention that people were attempting to sell municipal land.

Land invasion
Land invasion. Photo: Supplied.

The Msunduzi Municipality has condemned the illegal sale of municipal land and warned the public to be on guard against fraudulent sales.

In a statement, Msunduzi municipal manager Lulamile Mapholoba said it had been brought to the municipality’s attention that people were attempting to sell municipal land.

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It has come to the attention of the municipality that there are individuals who have been attempting to solicit payments from the public for sale of municipal-owned sites that have been granting section 14 (2) approval of Municipal Finance Management Act and are earmarked for future disposal for residential purposes.

Citizens were urged to be on guard.

Msunduzi Municipality would like to warn the public and further distance itself from any land sale that does not follow the prescribed land disposal process. The Msunduzi Municipality strongly condemns such illegal acts of fraud and any perpetrators found will be met with the full might of the law. The general public is advised to enquire with the municipality regarding any future land disposals.

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The public is urged to report these crimes on 0800 033 911.