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Ibutho no-show at Fuleni meeting

No apology nor communication from Ibutho Coal Director, Thembi Myeni, preceded the company's no-show.

FULENI communities were dealt another big business blow on Sunday when Ibutho Coal and its consultants failed to attend a scheduled meeting with the Ntuthunga 2 village.

No apology nor communication from Ibutho Coal Director, Thembi Myeni, preceded the company’s no-show, leaving more than 100 residents in the dark. Marietjie Eksteen of Jacana Environmentals and Lizinda Dickson of Naledi Developments also failed to turn up or communicate their non-attendance. This, following one aborted and one cancelled meeting with two other communities the previous week.

This apparent disregard for communities affected by the proposed opencast mine served to further anger the communities whose residents have already raised complaints against Ibutho Coal regarding time and money spent attending such meetings.

Phila Ndimande, spokesperson for the Fuleni communities, confirmed via email on Sunday that three of the four affected communities are strongly opposed to the proposed mine, while the fourth community is yet to be consulted.

‘We are planning to meet Chief Mthethwa early this week so as to brief him about the outcome of the meetings with the four villages,’ said Ndimande. ‘The good thing about this is 75% of communities affected by the Fuleni Mining Project have made it clear to us, as their elected representatives, that they do not want to hear anything more about Ibutho Coal.’

Ndimande went on to say the mandate is clear, ‘Thembi Myeni and Ibutho Coal must never ever come back to the villages for the same proposed mining project.’

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