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UPDATE: Aquadene Community Library construction complete

The municipality is awaiting the arrival of furniture and resources from the provincial department.

THE modern and state of the art Aquadene Community Library is the first in the city to have a computer centre installed and has the capacity to power up to 28 computers.

According to Ward Councillor AS Dawood, the construction phase of the new library was completed last month and the keys were handed over to the municipality who are now awaiting the arrival of furniture and resources from the provincial department.

Satisfied with the outcome of the project, Dawood commended the contractors for an excellent and timeous job.

‘The contractor was on schedule and ensured that the finished product was of excellent workmanship and a high quality end product.

‘It is equipped with three activity rooms, which will be used for community meetings as well as for training and workshop venues.’

Meanwhile the two schools and numerous preschools in the suburb will benefit significantly, as the facility is within walking distance and those pupils waiting for transport after school will now have a venue to complete their homework and assignments.

The community has welcomed the project, which has been needed in the community for many years; local children were forced to utilise the neighbouring Brackenham library or main library in the CBD.

This will also eliminate the risk of children using the dangerous pathway between the two suburbs to access the Brackenham library.

There were several reports of pupils being attacked, robbed and even stabbed for their belongings while using the thoroughfare.

Job opportunities

‘Once the library has been equipped with the furniture and resources, there will be intermediate placements as there are no new appointments at this time.

‘Local candidates who meet the criteria will be considered for posts.

‘An official handover and opening ceremony will be conducted by the city mayor soon,’ said Dawood.



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