Ready to work for you

Continual development of innovative solutions based on what customers want, is critical in driving business forward.

“Our Ready to Work Programme is an innovative way of facilitating faster delivery of new trucks to customers. This is key in our fluid and rapidly changing market where operators have to respond quickly to meet market demand or service new business contracts,” said Craig Uren, senior vice-president Isuzu sales and marketing.

Isuzu’s Ready to Work Programme gives truck buyers the option of selecting from a menu of 22 different truck chassis and body combinations designed to go to work without the need to buy a separate body for the job.

“Traditionally a customer can wait up to six weeks for a custom body to be built and fitted after they buy a truck,” continued Uren.
Isuzu assembles and sells a range of popular commercial vehicles in the small, medium, and heavy truck categories. The trucks have gained popularity with South African commercial fleet operators who require durable, efficient trucks for their operations.

Isuzu offers a 2-year/unlimited km warranty and a three-year/unlimited km anti-corrosion warranty, cab only, with all its commercial vehicles. The option to extend the warranty to 3 – 5 years, is available.

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