Colour your home office for success

Three colour palettes to help you perform at your peak.

If you are continuing to work from home this year, it is time to give your home office a colour boost! We’ve all heard about the power of colour and how it can affect our energy and mood, so make sure you are bringing in all the right vibes with these three colour tips:

Feel energised with bold colours

If you enjoy colour and need a little kick in the morning to get the motivation flowing and help you focus on the tasks ahead, then a bold colour is perfect for you. Think a bright, warm yellow or even a luscious pink to keep your head in the game, reduce tension, give you energy and keep your mood up. Either paint a feature wall or just bring in colour with a bold chair or painting.

Reduce anxiety with beach colours

Feeling stressed before you’ve even sat down at your desk? You need some greens and blues in your life! These two hues are known for their calming effect. While green is perfect to create calm and helps to reduce central nervous system activity, blue is particularly soothing and can even help lower your blood pressure. Combine these hues with a soft beige or a fresh white for a crisp, holiday vibe that will make you feel as though you are working on the beach.

Stay focused with neutrals

Getting distracted too easily? Perhaps you just have too much going on in your office and need to strip it all down to a more minimalist approach with a neutral colour palette. Opting for creamy whites and beiges will help tone everything down and create a serene space where you can focus on your thoughts. Hang your favourite painting or add a beautiful indoor plant to your home office to give it some personality and life.

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