Man with balaclava terrorises township

Residents of The Bela-Bela Township are terrorised by a mysterious person wearing a black balaclava.

Walter Lee, of the Night Owl Community Watch, said that numerous incidents were reported to him by residents of the township. He told Die Pos that a person dressed in black with a balaclava would knock on residents’ doors and windows at night time. When the residents respond to this intrusion the perpetrator is nowhere to be seen, yet soon thereafter the house or room will be targeted in robberies and break-ins.

He said the number of incidents increased to such a level over the last month that he had to call on SAPS and Gerhard Olivier of the GPF for re-enforcement. He was also concerned that the perpetrator would expand his area and target dwellings in town. He said better be forewarned of these incidents.

Olivier acknowledged the issue, affirming that all relevant parties had been notified of the perpetrators’ modus operandi and would heighten their awareness of such activities in town.

“People should exercise caution and remain vigilant,” Olivier cautioned.

Lieutenant Colonel Annemarie Smith of the local police assured that SAPS was aware of the situation, though no official reports had been lodged. Residents must report such incidents to SAPS after notifying the community watch.

Lee stressed the importance of remaining vigilant and urged residents to report any suspicious activity promptly to SAPS.

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